Give us this day, oh moto lords, our daily bread.  The staple of our diets and the quick fix between looooooong rides and rallies.  We have divvied them up for your viewing pleasure below.  Click around, you never know what might happen!

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Friday Pop-up Ride to Eat

Friday, February 10th 2023

Great winter weather means a pop-up ride could happen at any time.  This time to Chatsworth for the best catfish in N. GA, led by the Human GPS!

Great ride today! - Scott "Captain America" Rogers

Blood Mountain Ride

Sunday, February 5th 2023

Technical day! 217 miles. Blood Mountain, The Little Dragon (Wolf Pen Gap),  RBR Parkwayx2 and more. 4 riders (2 ST's, 1 BMW R1000 and my GSX-S1000GT+). Another Great day brought to you by Tommy Victor, Route Master ! - The Bentz Bagwell

Deals Gap Run

Saturday, January 28th 2023

5 riders, 342 spirited miles and 9 hours in the saddle. Super slab to Robbinsville NC then on to Deals Gap. Lunch at Topoco Lodge to celebrate George Lenz's birthday.  Christened my new "Screamer" on the Dragon and Moonshiners Hwy (28) back to Franklin. Great day of riding! - The Bentz Bagwell

3 State Quickie

Monday, January 16th 2023

Another break in the La Nina patterns gave us a "rideable" winter day and a few of the gang met up in Clayton to run most of the 3 State Quickie loop.  The morning started a bit chilly, even for an 11 AM meetup, with the metro ATL guys needing a couple hours and mountain division still needing an hour to Clayton.   Everyone braved the initial sub 30 degree temps for a bit and were rewarded with an awesome late morning and early afternoon.  Some areas still had snow in the shady parts and it's always fun to be riding comfortably a 50 degrees checking out the snow patches scattered on the vistas.  The South Carolina roads were fantastic but once near the top of Wolf Mtn in NC, the remaining dried salt in the road became heavy and  we had to pick our way up to Charley's Creek to begin the decent.  No formal lunch plans were in effect to make the most of the saddle time, so we snacked as we gabbed during rest stops.  Great day with some good friends!  - Barker   

Gumlog BBQ & Fish Camp

Saturday, January 7th 2023

When we see a winter day that breaks freezing, alot of us goons try to go riding and sometimes we succeed!  This day was one of those and a group met up at the infamous Gumlog BBQ & Fish Camp in beautiful Lavonia, GA.  The group was from various GA locations and enjoyed the samples of pork, beef, Brunswick stew and heaps of fried catfish.  Post belly stuffing, none other than Mr. Tommy Victor danced us around the pop-up (unexpected?) showers and we still managed to wear out some sidewalls.  Bone-in or bone-out, a damn fine day! - Barker

RTE to Dalton

Friday, December 16th 2022

"Nice ride today to Dalton via Henderson Mountain and old 411. Weather was brisk and shiny. Made an interesting stop at Tunnel Hill ( find out which one in pictures)" - Mad Man Harkaran

RTE to Chatsworth

Saturday, December 10th 2022

"246 miles. 7 hours in the saddle. Started with 6 riders. Wonderful day riding East to Chatsworth and Edna's for lunch. Most fun all day. But didn't get any pictures! Missed Harkaran Sawhney but birthdays in an acceptable excuse! First day on the RDL (not shown) and loved it. Zero soreness after a long day in the saddle!" - THE Bentz Bagwell

Cherohala Skyway Ride

Friday, August 12th 2022

Some of the usual suspects beat the weekend crowds and took advantage of a beautiful day to enjoy some of the finest roads in all the land!  Jealous?  Some of us are too...

Joe Brown Highway Ride

Saturday, July 23rd 2022

One of our fearless ride leaders, Mr. Tommy Victor, took a group of five to hit up some of our favorites in route to a super classic road.  JBH was a little dirty and getting rough in some spots, but is just a fantastic motorcycle road.  Add a excellent go-to lunch stop at the Monte Alban Restaurant in Murphy, NC and you could call this one a huge success!